Dr. Natalie Akiviadou Seperator



Alkiviadou N, ‘The Far Right in International and European Law’ (Routledge 2019)

Review by Former President of the Supreme Court of Cyprus, Judge Akis Hadjihambis (Ret’d)

Extract from review process:
“It is an excellent legal analysis of the way in which legal tools have been used and could further be utilized.”

Alkiviadou N, ‘Legal Challenges to the Far-Right: Lessons from England and Wales’ (Routledge 2019)

Extract from review process:

“Its comprehensiveness is appealing.”

“Clearly written, simple to understand, and the law is well cited.”

Alkiviadou N, ‘The Far-Right in Greece and the Law’ (Routledge 2022) 

Extract from review process:

“This is a very interesting book proposal on the Greek far right and the law. It discusses the application of relevant legislation and recent developments in this area. It examines how existing legislation applied. And it criticizes both the legal regime and its application. The author engages with legal cases that are little known internationally. In this respect, the proposal is original. It engages with important materials. Attention to the far-right has been mounting internationally especially since the economic crises. This makes the timing for this book excellent.  The approach that the author follows is very interesting. All the more so, since she discusses also international treaties that apply in Greece.


Book chapter: Alkiviadou N, ‘Hate Crimes’ in ‘The Companion to the European Convention on Human Rights’ (2022) Brill

Shadow Report: Author for ‘Racism and related discriminatory practices in Cyprus between 2016 and 2021’ European Network against Racism (forthcoming 2022)



Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Alkiviadou N, ‘Online Hate Speech Moderation and Human Rights. A Risky Match?’  (2023) SUR – International Journal on Human Rights 

Alkiviadou N, ‘ The Internet, Internet Intermediaries and Hate Speech: European Developments’ (2023) Scripted

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘South Africa the Model? A Comparative Analysis of Hate Speech Jurisprudence of South Africa and the European Court of Human Rights’ Journal of Free Speech Law (2022)

Alkiviadou N, ‘Hate Crimes – The Legality and Practicality of Punishing Bias: A Socio-Legal Appraisal’ (2022) International Journal for the Semiotics of Law 

Alkiviadou N, ‘Ain’t that funny? A Jurisprudential Analysis of Humour in Europe and the U.S’ (2022) European Journal of Humour Research 

Alkiviadou N, ‘Liberating Expression: Contemporary European Challenges’ (2022) International Journal for the Semiotics of Law 

Alkiviadou N & Belavusau U, ‘Rien Que de Mots: Counteracting Homophobic Speech in European and U.S. Law’ International Journal of Discrimination 

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘Hate Speech and the European Court of Human Rights: Whatever Happened to the Right to Offend, Shock or Disturb?’ (2021) Human Rights Law Review 

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Alkiviadou N. ‘Freedom of Religion: Lifting the Veils of Power and Prejudice’ (2019) The International Journal of Human Rights

Alkiviadou N, ‘Sustainable Enjoyment of Economic and Social Rights in Times of Crisis: Obstacles to Overcome and Bridges to Cross’ (2018) European Journal of Law Reform

Alkiviadou N, ‘Regulating Hatred: Of Devils and Demons’ (2018) International Journal of Law and Discrimination 

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Alkiviadou N, ‘Regulating Internet Hate – A Flying Pig? 7 (2016) Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Law

Book Chapters

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘Protecting the Freedom of Expression in an Era of“Platformization:” Paving a Road to Censorship?’ in ‘Perspectives on Platform Regulation: Concepts and Models of Social Media Governance across the Globe’ (2021) eds Bayer J, Holznagel B, Korpissari P, Woods L (2021 Nomos)

Alkiviadou N & Andreou A, ‘Words that Matter – A Glossary for Journalism in Cyprus: A Socio-Legal Appraisal in ‘Media and Democracy’ (ed. Antoniades E) (2020 Epiphaniou Publishers) [open access]

Alkiviadou N ‘Regulating Hate Speech in the EU’ in ‘Hate Speech in the European Union: A Discourse-Analytic Perspective’ (2017 Briefs in LinguisticsOnline)

Edited Volumes

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘Editorial Introduction’ to Springer’s International Journal for the Semiotics of the law, Special Issue on Hate Speech and Free Speech.

Book Reviews

Alkiviadou N, Book Review: Amos N. Guiora – ‘Tolerating Intolerance – The Price of Protecting Extremism’17 e-Extreme 2 (2016)

Alkiviadou N, Book Review: Giovanni Zaccardi, ‘Online Political Hate Speech in Europe: The Rise of New Extremisms’ Edward Elgar (2020), 60 Journal of Common Market Studies 2 (2022)

Blog Posts/Opinion Pieces

Alkiviadou N, ‘A Joke-Telling Lawyer: the Case of Simić v. Bosnia and Herzegovina’ (2022) Strasbourg Observers 

Mendiratta R & Alkiviadou N, ‘Banning Russia Today and Sputnik in Europe is a Bad Idea’ (2022) Human Rights Here 

Alkiviadou N, ‘A Missed Opportunity for LGBTQ Righs- The Irish Caske Case in Strasbourg’ (2021) Verfassungsblog 

Alkiviadou N, ‘Hate Speech by Proxy: Sanchez v France and the Dwindling Protection of Freedom of Expression’ (2021) Opinio Juris

Alkiviadou N, ‘Automated Content Moderation, Hate Speech and Human Rights’ (2020) Human Rights Here 

Alkiviadou N, ‘Freedom of Expression and its Slow Demise – The Case of Online Hate Speech (and its Moderation/Regulation)’ (2021) Opinio Juris

Alkiviadou N, ‘Humour, Parody and Satire – Funny Things’ (2021) Opinio Juris 

Alkiviadou N, ‘God does not and cannot bless sin – Hate Speech Law: Quo Vadis?’ (2021) Human Rights Here 

Alkiviadou N, ‘Decent Work for Migrant Domestic Workers: An Unrealised Promise?’ (2021) Human Rights Here 

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘Hate Speech Jurisprudence of the ECtHR through a Qualitative and Quantitative Lens’ (2020) ECHR Blog

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘The Digital Berlin Wall: How Censorship Built a Prototype for Online Censorship’ (2020) Euractiv

Alkiviadou N, ‘Ashen Sunset: The Case against Golden Dawn‘ (2020) Verfassungsblog

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill’ (2020) Rights! 

Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N, ‘In Search for an Antidote – COVID-19 Impact on Freedom of Expression’ (2020) Verfassungbsblog 

Alkiviadou N, ‘Words that Matter: A Glossary for Journalism in Cyprus: A Brief Commentary’ (2018) MELA blog

Alkiviadou N, ‘Of Hate Hierarchies and Other Animals (Act 2)’ (2018) International Network for Hate Studies

Alkiviadou N, ‘Religious pluralism and the European Court of Human Rights: An Assessment through the Looking Glass of Article 9 ECHRRights! (26 March 2018)

Alkiviadou N, ‘The Hierarchy of Hate: Mixed Signals in the Combat against Hate Speech’ (6 February 2018) VerfBlog

Reporting/Handbook/Project Deliverables 

Justitia – Mchangama J, Alkiviadou N, Mendiratta R, ‘A Framework of First Reference: Decoding a Human Rights Approach to Content Moderation in the Era of Platformization’ (2021) 

Justitia – Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N. ‘How the German Prototype for Online Censorship went Global – 2020 edition.’ 

Justitia – Mchangama J, Alkiviadou N. & Mendiratta R, ‘Rushing to Judgment: Are Short Mandatory Takedown Limits for Online Hate Speech Compatible with Freedom of Expression?’ 

Co-Author: Global Handbook on Hate Speech Laws, Justitia (2020)

Author for ‘Hate Crime in Cyprus’ for the European Network against Racism’s Pan-European report on Hate crime (2018/19)

Author for ‘Afrophobia in Cyprus’ for the European Network against Racism’s Pan-European report on Afrophobia in Europe (2014/15)

Papaloukas P & Alkiviadou N: Report on ‘Islamophobia in Cyprus’ developed in the framework of a project supported by the European Network against Racism (2016)

Alkiviadou N, Frangoudi C & Evridichorou G: Handbook for young people in fighting hate and extremism developed in the framework of a project supported by the European Youth Foundation (2015)

Lead author for the Strategy paper on the rights of domestic workers in Cyprus developed in the framework of a project funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation (2014)

Public Consultations

Justitia – Mchangama J. & Alkiviadou N. ‘Hate Crime and Public Order Bill Scotland’ 

Justitia – Mchangama J & Alkiviadou N. ‘Hate Crime Laws: England and Wales’

Newspaper Articles

Alkiviadou N, ‘Golden Dawn and the Rise of its Sibling ELAM’ (2021) Cyprus Mail 

Editorial Roles

Alkiviadou N, Mchangama J, Special Issue on ‘Hate Speech versus Free Speech’ International Journal for the Semiotics of Law.

Editor in Chief of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Populism (September 2019 – June 2020).

I have reviewed papers for: The International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, The International Journal of Human Rights, Information & Communications Technology Law, The European Convention on Human Rights Law Review.


Contributer to ECtHR Database on Hate Speech (2020) Justitia

Contributer to UN Database on Hate Speech (2020) Justitia