Dr. Natalie Akiviadou Seperator


UN Forum on Minority Issues ‘Hate Speech, Social Media and Minorities’ (Chairperson) (November 2020)

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Selected Conferences/Trainings/Guest Lectures


Estonian Institute of Human Rights, Speaker ‘Freedom of Expression,’ Tallinn (February 2024)

Academy of European Law (ERA), Speaker ‘Hate Speech and EU Law,’ Milan (October 2023)

Rights-Con, Moderator of the Panel ‘Expanding beyond takedowns: developing rights-respecting tools to address misinformation and disinformation’ (June 2023)

University of the Azores, ‘Counter-Speech: Alternative Methods to Tackle Online Hate Speech’ (May 2023)

Council of Europe Office (Moldova), Training of Judges and Prosecutors on Hate Speech, Chișinău (January 2023)

Yale University, Book Presentation – The Far-Right in Greece, New Haven (October 2022)

University of Columbia, ‘Laughing Matters: Humour, Free Speech and the Law’ New York (October 2022)

University of Antwerp, ‘The impact of Digitalization and the Balance between Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech’ (December 2022)

Gonzaga University, ‘Automated Mechanisms, Bias Datasets and Hate Speech’ Florence (May 2022)

European Centre for Minority Rights, Remote ‘Content Moderation – A Double Edged Sword for Minorities’ Remote (October 2021)

Cyprus University of Technology, ‘Social Movements’ Limassol (October 2021)

I-CON, ‘Private Moderation of Online Hate: A Panacea of Cureless Ill?’ Remote (July 2021)

Voiceit – Accept LGBTI Cyprus, KMOP, ANS and the UN Institute for Social Development, ‘Hate Speech and Hate Crime’  Remote (March 2021)

Academy of Euroepan Law: ‘Hate Speech: An Anti-Discrimination Approach’ Remote (February 2021)

Accept LGBTI Cyprus, ‘Human Rights Education as a Tool to Tackle Hate’ Remote (April 2021)

Cyprus University of Technology, ‘Social Movements’ Limassol (October 2020)

Catholic University of Santiago, I-Con ‘Words that Matter: A Glossary for Journalists in Cyprus’ Santiago  (July 2019)

University of Korea ‘Words that matter: A Glossary for Journalists in Cyprus’ Seoul (April 2019)

University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (Roundtable of judges and academics): ‘The Rule of Law Backsliding’ Larnaca (March 2018)

Diderot University ‘Privatisation of Hate Speech Regulation’ Paris  (January 2019)

French Institute, Sofia, ‘The Hierarchy of Hate’ Sofia (September 2018)

Zagreb University ‘The Legal Regulation of Hate Speech: The International and European Frameworks’ Zagreb May 2018

Ritsumeikan University, ‘The Legal Regulation of Hate Speech: The United Nations Framework as the Common Denominator for Europe and Asia’ Kyoto (January 2018)

Maastricht University, ‘The Legal Regulation of Hate Speech in England and Wales and Greece’ Maastricht (January 2018)

Stanford University, ‘The Rule of Law Crisis in Hungary and Poland’ San Fransisco (November 2017)

University of Castilla La Mancha ‘Human rights, Coexistence and Prevention of Discrimination in the Workplace’ Toledo (November 2017)
Key note speaker: ‘EU Non-Discrimination Law’

University of Cyprus, ‘The Representation of Minorities in Cypriot media’ Nicosia (September 2017)
Key note speaker: ‘Hate speech: The Cypriot Regulatory Framework’

University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, ‘The Sustainability of Socio-Economic Rights in Times of Crises’ Larnaca (July 2017)

University of Cyprus, ‘Interdisciplinary Conference on Hate Speech: Definitions, Interpretations and Practices’ Nicosia (June 2017)
Key note speaker: ‘Hate Speech – The Legal Framework’

IPSA colloquium, ‘Democratisation and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies’ Nicosia (June 2017), Chair ‘Bosnia-Herzegovina to Cyprus: Lessons Learned

Babeş-Bolyai University, ‘Advanced Cyber Law and Electronic Security’ Cluj- Napoca (June 2017)

University of Cyprus, ‘Social Representation of Migrants and Refugees in the Greek-Cypriot Media’ Nicosia (June 2016)
Key note speaker: ‘Hate Speech: The Cypriot Regulatory Framework’

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, ‘Law and Governance in the Digital Era’ (November 2015) Amsterdam
Presentation: Regulating Hate Speech on the Internet

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, ‘EU Anti-Discrimination Law: 15 years After’ (September 2015) Amsterdam
Presentation: The Implementation of the EU Equality Directives in Greece

Dr. Natalie Akiviadou Seperator

Council of Europe Office (Moldova), Training of Judges and Prosecutors on Hate Speech, Chișinău (January 2023)

Academy of European Law, ‘Hate Speech and EU Law’ Riga (May 2022)

Dr. Natalie Akiviadou Seperator

Guest Lectures

Yale University, ‘The Far-Right in Greece and the Law’ (October 2022)

University of Cyprus,’The Far-Right and the Law’ (September 2022)

Neapolis University Cyprus, ‘EU Anti-Discrimination Law’ (November 2021)

Cyprus University of Technology, ‘Social Movements’ (October 2019-2021)

University of Cyprus, ‘The Legal Regulation of the Far Right’ (October 2019)

Cyprus University of Technology, series of guest lectures on racism, xenophobia and hate speech (2015-2017)

University of Cyprus, ‘Hate Speech’ (November 2017)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, ‘The Legal Treatment of Far-Right Parties’ (October 2016)

Dr. Natalie Akiviadou Seperator

External Examiner, PhD (University of Luxembourg) ‘A Principles to Judicial Regulatory Framework Analysis to Hate Speech under European, German, Irish and English Human Rights Law.’ (March 2023)

International Research Fellow, Information Society Law Centre, University of Milan (2022-2023)

Editor in Chief of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Populism ( (September 2019 – June 2020)

Reviewer for: International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, International Journal of Human Rights, Information & Communications Technology Law (Ongoing)

Contributor to ECtHR Database on Hate Speech (2020) Justitia

Contributor to UN Database on Hate Speech (2020) Justitia

National Coordinator (2017-2020) for the monitoring exercise of the European Commission of the Code of Conduct on illegal hate speech online

National civil society participant to the European Commission’s High-level group on racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance, European Commission (June 2017)